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Ordering Online

Our online store has been designed to help you quickly and accurately purchase Basket Company gift baskets for delivery, whether directly to you or to other multiple recipients.  Please use the following guidelines should you be experiencing any difficulty.

Delivery to yourself: After selecting the type of basket and the quantity that you want to buy, simply add your selection to the shopping cart.  (The default setting for the I am sending this to option is Myself.)  Continue adding new selections to your cart until you have finished shopping then proceed to checkout by clicking on the Checkout link at the top right corner of the page.

Delivery to Other Recipients: Select the type of basket and quantity that you want to buy, then from the drop down menu for the I am sending this to option select Someone Else.  You will immediately be prompted to provide a Nickname for each recipient being sent a basket.  Continue adding new nicknames and selections to your cart until you have finished shopping then proceed to checkout by clicking on the Checkout link at the top right corner of the page.

Checkout: Once you have clidked the Checkout link in the top right corner, the Your Cart page is immediately displayed and presents all of the basket orders added to your cart during your current shopping session.  For each order listed you can now:

view the specific details of the basket type selected
remove an individual selection from your cart without affecting the rest of contents in the cart
edit individual reciever information based on the nickname you assigned to the order while shopping.  The correct recipient delivery address for each order is to be provided at this stage.  Mandatory information is denoted by an asterisk beside the field name and movement from one field to the next can be controlled by either moving the curser or using the tab key.  A valid postal code FOR EACH ORDER is required to PROCEED THROUGH CHECKOUT TO PAYMENT.  The city field for each order will be automatically supplied based on our current Canada Post database.  Once all required fields have been filled, click on the Update link at the bottom of the page.  Error meesages will be displayed for any incomplete or invalid field entries
select your preferred delivery date and shipping method after you have successfully updated your receiver information record and the default delivery and method have been presented on the bottom right portion of the page
edit the message to be printed on the enclosure card attached to each basket. For convenince, the message can be automatically repeated for each recipient in the current shopping cart
edit specific delivery instructions such as "leave basket with security"
completed all the recipient's shipping addresses and messages, click on "Billing Info" and complete the credit card information and click submit. Processing your credit card may take up to a minute. Please do NOT click the Back or Cancel buttons.

Billing Info: After all of the Checkout information fields have been properly updated, click on the billing info link at the bottom of the page and provide the Billing Information making sure to match the correct billing address to the credit card being used for the payment.  Verify accuracy of the information provided by clicking on the continue link at the bottom of the page then submit the payment to the bank for processing.  As this may take up to a minute, please DO NOT click on the back or cancel link at the bottom of the page and this will cancle your order.

Order Confirmation: Upon receiving payment authorization from the bank, an order confirmation will be emailed to the email address supplied during the billing info process

PLEASE NOTE:  The Basket Company does not assume any responsibility for inaccurate or incomplete recipient addresses.  Any and all costs associated with basket re-direction or re-delivery will be assessed as an additional charge.

Cancelling an order

Orders placed online may be cancelled according to the following schedule by calling our Customer Service Dept. Toll Free: 1-800-547-2979. In the GTA: 416 252-2265.

  • Orders placed between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST may be cancelled on the same day.
  • Orders placed after 5:00 PM EST or on weekends and holidays may be cancelled on the next business day.
Return Policy

If your basket or the product in your basket arrives broken or damaged, we will be happy to replace it. Please call customer service within 7 days to arrange for your replacement. Toll Free: 1-800-547-2979 In the GTA: 416 252-2265. There are no returns on gourmet food baskets due to health and safety concerns. Refunds/credits will only be issued to the original purchaser.